Ruggine 01 - Ruggine Logo


Branding and web design for a restaurant in Bologna

2014  |  Identity, UX/UI/web

RUGGINE (italian for RUST) is a hidden shelter in a small alley in the heart of the city of Bologna. Managed by four guys, it’s a place where you can sip wines and cocktails or eat simple tasty dishes.
Inspired by WWII signs found under the portici of Bologna and traditional art-deco typography, I designed the brandmark: the rustic, rough look of the walls and furnishing elements have helped to corroborate its identity with a vital visual atmosphere, hot and restless.

RUGGINE is living metal, which ceases to be cold and still, and seethes in the act of corrosion.

Ruggine 02 - Typographic Inspiration in Bologna
Ruggine 03 - Look & Feel inspiration
Ruggine 04 - Rusty Ruggine Logo
Ruggine 05 - Interior of the restaurant
Ruggine 06 - Interior of the restaurant
Ruggine 07 - Business cards

Lots of different textures were selected and used for business cards to show the many facets of the brand, as every piece of rust is different from any other.

I also designed a one-page website that collects information about RUGGINE and aggregates social updates from Facebook and Instagram: in this way it is always updated with the latest photos and content. You can take a look at

Ruggine 10 - Website Homepage on laptop
Ruggine 11 - Website Homepage on mobile devices
Ruggine 08 - Interior details
Ruggine 08 - Interior details
Ruggine 12 - Facebook social page cover
Ruggine 13 - Cocktail detail
Ruggine 14 - Barman detail
Ruggine 15 - Food detail

Photos by Alice De Ferrari and me.