ICONS rebranding

Concept and identity for a European organisation

2019-2021  |  Identity, Motion, UX/UI/web


ICONS is a leading nonprofit organisation in science communication, social and business innovation, with more than 20 years of experience in developing EU-funded research projects.

In 2019, the organisation started a rebranding process to clarify its brand architecture, harmonising all the legal entities, departments and activities under a single brand.

Before: Fondazione Icons, iCons and iCube Programme. After: ICONS

The project involved a multidisciplinary team and took almost two years in the making, from field research to the application of the identity system on all the major touchpoints.

In line with ICONS’ open view of culture, inspiration for the brand identity concept came from a multitude of sources, including music, astronomy, history and biology.

ICONS moodboard
The virtuous circle of innovation

Short video presenting the new identity concept, inspired by the words of Carl Sagan. Motion graphics by Ilaria Abbondanti Sitta

ICONS stationery
ICONS business cards with people portraits
ICONS business cards

ICONS website
ICONS website
ICONS website

Visit ICONS website to learn more.

The design for ICONS brand identity has been featured in the Best Logo Designs on DesignRush.