Juventus 01 - Players 2013/14


Social identity and visual community management

2012-2014  |  Adv/Promo, Editorial, Identity

Football is a contemporary epic: players are heroes and warriors, matches are battles. This is the concept which guided the design for Juventus social environment. This is clearly expressed in the photographic style we crafted: slightly desaturated, with enhanced contrast. Supporters are a fundamental part of this epic narration too, as they’re always visible in the main texture together with their idols.

Juventus 02 - Juve-Roma with Buffon and Totti
Juventus 07 - Twitter card
Juventus 04 - Facebook card #100conte
Juventus 05 - Fino alla Fine Facebook cover
Juventus 06 - Samurai Vidal for Japan Tour
Juventus 03 - Made by your Passion (in collaboration with Nike)
Juventus 08 - Celebrating 8 million fans on Facebook
Juventus 09 - Andrea Pirlo Infographic - June 2014

I managed Juventus social identity (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) working as Senior Designer for We Are Social from 2012 to 2014. During this period we launched several successful campaigns and initiatives for fans, such as #LoveJu, the world’s first social media choreography.