Belmond stickers cover

Belmond stickers

Graphic design and typography for luxury luggage labels

2017  |  Adv/Promo, Illustration  |   Share: 

Inspired by the golden age of travel, Belmond created a series of collectible travel stickers that reflect the individual personality of each travel experience. A label for each hotel, train, river cruise and safari lodge that reinterprets the past with a modern new look – “Contemporary Nostalgia”. This project is part of the luxury brand‘s new campaign, titled “The Art of Belmond”

I designed typography and frames for six stickers of those, in collaboration with Emiliano Ponzi, who created the beautiful and evocative illustrations.

Belmond sticker - Hotel Caruso Ravello
Belmond sticker Hotel Splendido Portofino
Belmond sticker Villa Sant'Andrea Taormina
Belmond sticker Venice Simplon Orient express
Belmond sticker Venice Simplon Orient express
Belmond sticker Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg