Utility Magazine 01 - Spread opening layout

Utility Magazine

Quarterly travel magazine art direction

2010  |  Editorial

Utility was a quarterly magazine about tourism, culture and society, printed from 2008 to 2011. I worked as Utility Art Director, mainly focusing on its layout redesign: I set up a 12-column flexible grid, capable of containing a dynamic range of information: photos, side-boxes, links, illustrations, infographics, etc.

I also had to face the bilingual aspect of the magazine: English text is always easy to distinguish through the choice of typefaces, including both serif and sans-serif variants. Recurring graphic elements were designed and placed in every article, to permit an easier navigation through pages and help the reader through his journey.

This work resulted in a more readable and engaging magazine, with a great variety of graphic solutions and content that really matters to travellers. You can read the entire summer 2010 issue for free at issuu.com. Enjoy!

Utility Magazine 02 - Cover and top story opening
Utility Magazine 03 - Top story spread layout
Utility Magazine 04 - Top story spread layout
Utility Magazine 05 - Travel guide reportage opening
Utility Magazine 06 - Travel guide reportage spread layout
Utility Magazine 07 - Travel guide reportage spread layout
Utility Magazine 08 - Summary
Utility Magazine 09 - Short news
Utility Magazine 10 - Short news
Utility Magazine 11 - Details
Utility Magazine 12 - Details
Utility Magazine 13 - Details