Nerd 01 - Comics & Games Logo


Brand identity for a comics & games shop

2009  |  Identity, Illustration, Projects

I designed Nerd logotype for a comics & games shop in Palermo. The illustration concept combines these areas of interest, resulting in a typical comics character drawn in pixel-art videogame style.

The original project included a bunch of friends for the main character, each drawn following the classic nerdish iconography. These additional characters were meant to be used for merchandising, such as t-shirts, pins, gadgets, and also to be part of a comics strip.

This logo is featured in Logo Design Vol.3 book, edited by Julius Wiedemann (TASCHEN, 2011), together with Finzioni logo.

Nerd 02 - Compact Logo
Nerd 03 - Compact Logo Grayscale
Nerd 04 - Compact Logo Monochrome
Nerd 05 - Comics & Games Merchandising
Nerd 06 - Ugly Friend
Nerd 07 - Fatty friend
Nerd 08 - Dark friend
Nerd 09 - Indian friend
Nerd 10 - Published on Logo Design Vol.3