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il Palermo

Multiple layouts for a Sport Magazine

2008-2010  |  Editorial

il Palermo was born in 2007 as a monthly magazine: mainly focused on Palermo football team, it covered briefly also other sports events and athletes’ stories. I started working on the magazine under Alessandro Fiore’s art direction, developing the conception of a luxury sport magazine, with great care to images, typographic coherence and colour schemes. The visual quality was also enhanced by Tullio Puglia’s marvelous photos.

il Palermo 02 - Monthly magazine layout
il Palermo 03 - Monthly magazine layout
il Palermo 04 - Monthly magazine layout

Together with the monthly magazine, a 32-page match program called Match Today was distributed freely for every football home game. As Match Today‘s art director in 2008, I got the task of refreshing its visual design and strengthening its link to the monthly magazine il Palermo.

I did the job putting order to the huge amount of data and statistical content through clear and intuitive table layouts, while keeping photographic quality and relevance, even in the small 13x19cm format. So Match Today ceased to be a mere throwaway magazine, acquiring the status of collectable item and useful handbook for football fans.

il Palermo 05 - Match Today covers
il Palermo 06 - Match Today layout
il Palermo 07 - Match Today layout
il Palermo 08 - Match Today layout

In April 2009, the monthly format and the match program were joined to start a new weekly publication, which mantained the name of il Palermo: the goal was to follow more closely the football league and also give a wider coverage to other sports in town, such as volley, rugby, tennis and waterpolo.

Together with the graphic team, I redesigned and reorganized the magazine layout : we tried to mantain the magazine identity, while adapting it to new format, new contents and new workflow. We created a flexible grid that permits lots of variations, but with a solid structure, easy to manage in shortage of time. So every week it was possibile to design recurring pages almost instantly and then focus on main articles, giving them a unique touch.

il Palermo 09 - Weekly Magazine Covers
il Palermo 10 - Weekly magazine layout
il Palermo 11 - Weekly magazine layout
il Palermo 12 - Weekly magazine layout
il Palermo 13 - Weekly magazine layout