glitch tv 01 - glitched texture

glitch tv

Experiments on digital degradation and television

2009  |  Exhibition, Motion, Research, UX/UI/web

glitch tv is a reflection on effects and damage caused by digital compression on media, such as graphics, photos, videos and sounds. The extreme degradation of content often leads to abstract patterns that gain a new kind of artificial beauty. This topics were brought to life through an installation/performance with box36 friends, Antonio Cusimano and Luca Mannino.

glitch tv focuses on tv programs’ banality and insignificance: it is composed by a small tv screen, where short excerpts (taken from major italian tv channels) are shown, and a big projection screen where the same excerpts are damaged and made almost unrecognizable, generating vivid and vibrant patterns. Interaction with public is encouraged through a remote controller to switch between different channels.

glitch tv was first shown on October 31st, 2009 during Electrofly Party at Palermo University.

glitch tv 02 - The installation
glitch tv 03 - Installation during Electrofly party

glitch tv 04 - Glitched (left) and original (right) frame from Rai Uno
glitch tv 05 - Glitched (left) and original (right) frame from Rai Due
glitch tv 06 - Glitched texture
glitch tv 07 - Glitched (left) and original (right) frame from Canale 5
glitch tv 08 - Glitched (left) and original (right) frame from Canale 5