Bicu Menus 01 - The main menu

Bicu Menus

Menu design for a restaurant chain

2010  |  Adv/Promo, Editorial, Illustration

Bicu was a chain of restaurants based in northern Italy. As Art Director for Meloria agency, I was assigned the task to design the new menus, which set the standards for the new communication format and point-of-purchase design. The project included 4 bilingual menus (Restaurant, After-dinner, Craft-beers and Kids) with a huge selection of dishes: the main goal was to keep them neatly organized and appealing to customers.

I also drew a set of 15 icons, to help distinguish each category and easily find the perfect dish, and art directed the creation of 6 comic-style characters for the kids menu, illustrated by Cristina Mormile. Children loved them!

Bicu Menus 02 - All the menus
Bicu Menus 03 - Pasta detail
Bicu Menus 04 - Grill detail
Bicu Menus 05 - The icon set
Bicu Menus 06 - Drink Icons detail
Bicu Menus 07 - Food Icons detail
Bicu Menus 08 - Characters for Kids menu
Bicu Menus 09 - Kids menu detail
Bicu Menus 10 - Kids menu detail