Amie Sans 01 - My font with benefits

Amie Sans

Experiments on heavy fonts and sexy glyphs

2011  |  Product, Research

Amie Sans is an obscene font. It’s all about friendship, love, sex and casual relationships between glyphs. It was crafted in May 2011 as a personal research project on heavy sans-serif fonts, with counters reduced to wedges and glyphs overlapping each other. Amie Sans cannot be coded as a digital font due to this overlap, because each glyph’s shape is determined by the shape before it: every line of text has to be hand-composed and carefully spaced.

Amie Sans 02 - The quick brown fox bangs a lazy dog
Amie Sans 03 - 69% Love

Amie Sans was then used as logotype for a music blog called Music is my friend with benefits and its summer compilations. It was the perfect choice, thanks to its powerful and compelling look with an indie-rock touch.

Amie Sans 04 - Music is my FWB logo
Amie Sans 05 - MIMFWB Summer Compilation 2011 - It's time for summer to give head
Amie Sans 06 - MIMFWB Summer Compilation 2011 - Holiday cunnilingus