Twitter 2015 Layout — Free PSD Template

A Photoshop template of Twitter new profile page layout. It's free and you can fully customize it with your header image, profile picture and tweets. Use it for demos, mock-ups and design evaluation.

25 November 2015

Well organized - Twitter Layout PSD Template

Well organized

Each layer is recognizable and easy to find through folders, proper names and colored labels for most common operations.

Deeply customizable - Twitter 2015 Layout PSD Template

Deeply customizable

You can easily change accent color, edit profile picture and header image with clipping masks and even write your own tweets.

Full vector glory - Twitter 2015 Layout PSD Template

Full vector glory

Every single interface element is made of vector shapes, including Favorite, Reply and Retweet icons, allowing limitless resizing.

Twitter 2015 GUI preview

This is a small project I did in my spare time. Use it as you please but notice that it’s still under development: if you have any suggestion to improve it please contact me.

Download .PSD (v.1.1 – 370KB)

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